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History at Super Brainy Beans
History at Super Brainy Beans
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The Tudors are one of the most famous families ever to rule England. They were in power from 1485 when King Henry VII took the throne until the time Queen Elizabeth I died, without an heir, in 1603. They were some of the most colourful people in history.

Tudor ExplorationTudor Exploration
Explore the high seas with the Tudors. From the National Maritime Museum.
Palace KidsPalace Kids
All about the Tudors and who ruled during this time.
Henry VIII and the TudorsHenry VIII and the Tudors
Learn about what Henry VIII was like and why he was so famous even today.
Henry VIIIHenry VIII
Learn about what Henry VIII was like and why he was so famous even today.
BBC Tudor BritainBBC Tudor Britain
An era of change and triumph, from Henry VIII's Reformation to Elizabeth and the Armada.
Tudor BritainTudor Britain
Find out about the Tudors. See real documents and objects from Tudor times. Test your skills with our games.

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Woodlands - TudorsWoodlands School - The Tudors
Facts about Tudors. Everything explained from who the Tudors were and their way of life, from the Armada to Tudor Entertainment.
History on the Net - TudorsHistory on the net - The Tudors
This website covers a huge amount of information on the Tudors. Topics include: Tudor Monarchs, Tudor food, entertainment, the Spanish Armada, Tudor costume and more...
Hever CastleHever Castle - Kent, UK
Hever Castle is located in the village of Hever. It began as a country house, built in the 13th century. From 1462 to 1539 it was the seat of the Boleyn family.
Hampton Court PalaceHampton Court Palace- Surrey, UK
Explore Henry VIII's majestic palace including his magnificent state apartments, the vast Tudor kitchens, haunted gallery, the formal gardens and the famous maze.
Joust for HenryHeads and Hearts
Henry VIII is getting married for the 6th (and let’s hope final) time! In honour of his new Queen, Kathryn Parr, Henry is holding a jousting tournament at Hampton Court Palace.
Constucting a Tudor HouseConstructing a Tudor House
It took up to 30 trees to build a farmer's house in Tudor times. Looking at an existing Tudor farmhouse it is possible to see the massive wooden frame of the building. 
Build a Tudor HouseBuild a Tudor House
See how Tudor houses were build with box like structures of wood.
Battle of RedemoreBattle of Redemore (Bosworth)
See how the battle progressed in the Battle of Redemore (Bosworth) 22nd August 1485
Hampton Court - The Great Time QuestHampton Court - The Great Time Quest
Welcome to Hampton Court Palace’s magnificent past! Your only way back to the present is to complete these time traveling quests...
Dressed to KillDressed to Kill
Henry VIII is hosting a foot combat tournament at the Tower. Are you good enough to fight the King?

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